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About Rob Nevins

Rob Nevins is a self proclaimed "Weight Loss Guru" who created Living lean Lifestyle and the Skinny Switch Secret.

He claims he has helped over 40,000 people lose weight and keep it off.

The Skinny Switch Secret:

The Skinny Switch Secret is arguabley the most popular product Rob Nevins has ever created, other than his "Living Lean Lifestyle".

It is a diet based on mixed eating routines which boosts metabolism and fat burning while allowing users to eat almost anything they like.

Users who join Rob Nevin's membership website are giving food choices, then are provided a meal plan to follow which involves changes in eating routines every 3 days causing the fast metabolism reflex to kick in, causing fast weight loss.

Unusual and popular are 2 words that describe Rob Nevin's Skinny Switch Secret because it breaks most if not all dieting rules/misconceptions.

However before taking the plunge and trying this diet for yourself, see what cons there are to the Skinny Switch Secret. More info here...


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